Return of the Proudhon Seminar

Starting in May, one of the projects I’ll be working on is the evaluation, revision and/or annotation of the existing translations of Proudhon’s works, starting with Tucker’s translations of the first two memoirs on property. As part of the process, I’ve proposed a group reading of the material. When we read What is Property? five years ago, in the original “Proudhon Seminar,” our shared understanding of Proudhon’s work was, I think, very different than it is now. I’ve recently come back to the work in a couple of different contexts and been amazed at how different it looks to me.
We’ve set up a “Proudhon Seminar” group on Facebook, to discuss this and other projects, but I expect the reading itself to take place on an email list or forum unassociated with the major social networking sites. I’ll post updates here as they are available.